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Doctors at 188 Medical offer Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment of Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Iron is a mineral that is essential to human health; it is particularly important in allowing transport of oxygen in blood. Both having too much or too little iron in your body can result in illness, and therefore it is important to seek professional assessment and treatment if you have symptoms of iron deficiency.

​It is important not to treat iron deficiency without identifying an underlying cause. If you are referred by your GP or specialist, they will retain responsibility for ongoing investigation of your iron deficiency. Where you are treated by a 188 Medical Doctor, Doctor will ensure your iron deficiency has been appropriately investigated, so that the underlying cause can be treated. Some common causes of iron deficiency are:

  • Inadequate intake – e.g. vegetarian or vegan diets.
  • Blood loss – this is an important cause to exclude, as it can be due to serious illness such as bowel cancer, stomach ulcers or other hidden bleeding, as well as more obvious causes like heavy menstrual periods or blood donation.
  • High Iron Requirement – this is common in pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Problems with absorption – for example coeliac disease is commonly associated with iron deficiency when first diagnosed.

Where you have been diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia, and oral treatment is not sufficient or not practical, Doctors at 188 Medical can administer Intravenous iron infusions.

Please note: Doctors at 188 Medical do not perform iron infusions for children 16 years of age or under.

Phone us on 07 5661 9188 to book your initial consultation in regards to iron infusion.

How Iron Infusions Work:

Many people with iron deficiency first present with tiredness. The first step to diagnosis is to have a consultation with a 188 Medical Doctor, who will arrange a blood test of discuss your most recent blood test.

Where your doctor has identified iron deficiency, it is essential to investigate for an underlying cause. Potential causes  include:

Once your iron deficiency has been diagnosed, book in to discuss the best option for management of your iron deficiency anaemia. Oral iron is best initially for most people. Iron infusion is useful if you can’t tolerate oral iron, your iron levels have not improved with 2-3 months of treatment with oral iron, or if you need rapid correction of iron deficiency anaemia. If you have been diagnosed at a different clinic, it is important you bring all your blood tests and other results with you. A referral from your GP is preferred. Your initial appointment must be in person for new patients, or may be via Telehealth for existing patients. If appropriate, your doctor will write a prescription for the iron for you to collect from the pharmacy, prior to your iron infusion.

After your initial consultation, our reception will book your iron infusion with the doctor and nurse. This procedure takes about 1 hour. You must bring your vials of iron with you, which were prescribed by your doctor at the previous consultation. During the infusion you will be closely monitored by your doctor and nurse for any complications:

Give yourself plenty of time (at least 30 min) to allow for monitoring after your iron infusion.

Iron Infusions are really effective at treating iron deficiency. However, because they are so effective, an iron infusion can mask any serious underlying cause. Your 188 Medical doctor will talk to you about investigating iron deficiency, including referral to a gastroenterologist if necessary for a gastroscopy or colonoscopy, and give you referral for blood test  to check your iron levels following infusion. If you are coming from another clinic, we will write to your regular GP and ask them to follow up with you. It is important you see your regular GP afterwards to arrange this ongoing follow up.‍

  • Iron Infusion FAQs

What does an Iron Infusion Cost?

Iron infusions are privately billed, which means you will have out of pocket expense. Please call reception for further details.

Which Doctors Provide Iron Infusions?

Dr Clare Graham, Dr Ericka Schipanski and Joel Carmody perform iron infusions at 188 Medical.