An overview of our fee structure

We are a private billing practice and therefore you will need to pay your consultation fees on the day you attend our Practice. Consultation Fees are to be paid on the day of your consultation, there will be an out of pocket gap. Medicare rebates for GP services have been frozen since 1 July 2014 and will not be increased until 1 July 2020. This Government decision makes it very difficult for our practice to meet the costs of providing a Comprehensive Service that is safe and of a High Quality Standard without charging gap.

Medicare Easy Claim and Online Claiming Services

188 Medical offers Medicare Easy claim and Online Services for fast and convenient rebates. We will ask you if you would like us to electronically send your claim. Once you have given your consent we will transmit your claim on the spot and arrange for the immediate processing of your rebate. Otherwise, Medicare refunds are also still available from Medicare offices in Ashmore and Southport upon presentation of a current Medicare card. We have EFTPOS facilities, and we accept most credit cards.

Have any questions?

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