Ear Cleaning by Microsuction

188 Medical

Microsuction Earwax Removal at 188 Medical

Earwax removal is a completely pain free service offered by 188 Medical. In some circumstances, ear wax can build up significantly to the point where a temporary hearing loss is experienced.

Microsuction is considered safe, gentle & effective way to clean ears from debris and wax.

It is the same technique used by Ear, Nose and Throat specialists and is superior to other methods such as water syringing and ear candling. Using an ear microscope and bright light allows a doctor clear view into the ear canal, and a small suction tube works like a gentle vacuum to clear any ear wax, debris, or foreign objects from the ears

When would you need earwax removal?

The ear’s ability to naturally self-clean is impressive, however sometimes it doesn’t always work effectively.  The following are reasons and groups of people who are likely to need their ears cleaned professionally are:

  • Those who have pushed wax in too far with a cotton bud

This can prevent the earwax from coming out and really affect your ability to hear clearly

  • If you wear a hearing aid or ear plugs

These will block the earwax naturally clearing. Which tends to interrupt the normal migration of wax in the ear canal

  • People with impacted or excessive wax
  • People with narrow ear canals

What problems can excess earwax cause?

If earwax has contact with the eardrum it can be uncomfortable and cause vertigo and dizziness. It can also cause a reduction in your ability to hear. If only one ear is affected, it can lead to possible imbalance as well as challenges identifying where sounds are coming from. Being blocked, lack of ventilation in the ear can cause itchiness and irritation.

The use of hearing aids, earplugs, or other ear worn devices can make people more conscious of their ear wax, and it can cause potential blockage or damage to these devices.

Doctor will first examine your ears to determine suitability for microsuction procedure. You may need to use wax softening drops for a few days and return for microsuction procedure.